Am I entitled to any discounts if I pay my semester fees in full?


If you pay the full semester fees by end of Week 3 of that semester (based on Tri-Semester Academic Calendar), you are entitled for 10% discount on tuition fees. E.g September 2001 semester, the deadline for the 10% discount is on 9th Oct 2011.
For DBA students, 10% full settlement discount on tuition fees will be granted if full payment is paid by Week 2 of that module (based on Modular Academic Calendar). E.g October 2011 Module, the deadline for the 10% discount is on 16th October 2011.
Note: Students who are not able to get the 10% full settlement discount are from the following programmes:
  • MSc
  • PhD
  • Executive Masters
  • DBA students who are currently doing their Research Dissertation