Frequently Asked Questions - International Students

Once the student has completed his or her studies, the student has to cancel the pass. The student pass is only to be used for the purpose of studying and nothing else. If the student wants to continue staying after completion of his or her studies, the student need to apply for social pass once the student pass has been cancelled.

In normal circumstances, a premature termination may result in your deposit being forfeited. The landlord may also impose other charges as contain in the contract. However, you may want to negotiate with your landlord in settling the problems in an amicable way.

AeU does not have on-campus accommodation. Therefore international students are responsible for making their own arrangements in respect of accommodation, maintenance and other expenditure before the commencement of the session.

Students will be advised to contact Malaysian property agents available online. AeU will assist students in getting the list of properties but will not be able to recommend any specific accommodation providers.

The airport reception service is only meant for commencing AeU students. However, contact us if you are traveling with someone else. We can advise your companion on how best to get to his/her destination.

Airport reception is available everyday including public holidays (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). However, new students who have immigration approval to study in Malaysia can pre-arrange for our airport pick-up service by filling up the Airport Arrival Form within ten (10) days notice prior to flying to Malaysia.  There are no charges, but students who do not show-up at the airport on the said date will be charged with a penalty fee by the university.

It is worthwhile for students to arrange their travelling during office hours (8am to 5.30 pm) and avoid travelling on weekends or public holidays.

The immigration requires that the student seeking for extension to submit attached attendance form together with the main document. The attendance verification form has to be completed for each registered course to be verified by supervisor/lecturer. You can get the attendance verification form from the school. 

The student needs to consult with the student’s respective school to apply for intermission. After discussing with the school adviser, the student can obtain the intermission form from the school and then submit to the Registry for verification and final submission. 

Students are urged to cancel their student pass and withdraw from the university prior to returning to their home country. If the student left the country without canceling, it could create complication should the student decided to come back into the country later on.

It is recommended by the Immigration Department that renewal should be done 2 months prior your visa expired. Normally, they would not accept more than two months before your Visa expired. However, if you have a valid and strong reason for your earlier application, then you may do so with evidence e.g. purchased air ticket.

If you would like to postpone enrolment into your chosen programme to a later date, you need to send a letter requesting for postponement and your [completed] Student Acceptance Form before the date of acceptance expired. You must also fill in the Deferment Form which you can submit it online through the students’ portal.

If you intend to withdraw from AeU, you must fill in the withdrawal form and provide your passport for student pass cancellation. Please follow the instructions listed on the form to officially withdraw and cancel your student pass. The form can be submitted online through the students’ portal.

All international students holding valid Student Pass are only allowed to work part-time. The Malaysian Immigration is strict on the types of employment that the students undertake. For further information, please refer to the International Students Guide Book.

Students are recommended to wait until they have completed submitted all the required documents to the Immigration department prior to returning home. During the interval between the releases of student final examination results until prior to the student commencing date for the coming semester, it is recommended that the student does not leave Malaysia. Failure to comply could result denial of the student pass.

If you required your passport urgently after sending for immigration for further extension or endorsement, you need to write a letter stipulating the reason for the urgent request together with other attached documents as sign of proof, e.g. certified copy of airline ticket. International Student Affairs would then send your letter together with the other document to the immigration department for the urgent request. However, the swiftness of passport release is depended upon the discretion of the immigration department.

It takes up to 4 weeks for the Immigration department to process your extensions and up to 6 weeks to process endorsements.

It takes up to 6 weeks for the Immigration department to process new student pass approvals and up to 8 weeks for transfer student pass approvals.

Student pass approval letter will be couriered to new students in their home countries. Meanwhile, transferred students who are located in Malaysia will be contacted by our officer from the International Students Affairs department based on the latest contact number provided by them. The students upon contacted will be asked to collect the approval letters directly from the office.

It is a requirement for a foreign spouses married to a Malaysian residents to obtain student pass if they wanted to study here. In case the spouses already held dependant pass, they need to terminate the dependant pass prior AeU could proceed applying for student pass on their behalf.

Your family member can visit you anytime as long as they obtained a valid visitor visa. Only Post graduate students are allowed to have their close families to stay together during their durations as student here in Malaysia. Only immediate family members related to the student pursuing Post Graduates studies will be considered for Social Visit Pass, subjected to the duration of the respective Student Pass.

Diplomatic pass holders are exempted from carrying student pass. Instead, they need to obtain an “exempted” stamp or letter of exemption from the Immigration Department and Ministry of Home Affairs. They are required to obtain them at their own initiative and not through the university.

You will have to cancel your dependent pass before AeU can apply for a student pass.  Applicants are only allowed to hold one pass at a time and if you intend to study in Malaysia, you must obtain a student pass.

1) New international students
International students coming to study in Malaysia for the first time will be required to submit:

  • 6 passport-size colour photographs (3.5cm x 5cm – Head Size: 2.5cm x 3cm) 
  • 4 full and clear copies of all pages of your passport(s) (A4 size paper only, including the blank pages**) 
  • Completed the Health Check Examination Form (Medical Report)
  • Copy of offer letter
  • Acceptance Form
  • Certified true copies of academic certificates, transcript of result
  • Curriculum Vitae for above 25 years old
  • Receipt payment of fees 
  • Your passport should have a validity period of at least 2 years remaining to process the Student Pass. If the passport is expiring within one year from the time of application is to be accepted, please apply for new passport and submit photocopies of all pages of both passports.
2) Transferring international students
International students already in Malaysia but transferring to AeU from a different institution in Malaysia are required to obtain clearance from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education prior to applying for a new Student Pass.
To obtain a new Student Pass transfer students will be required to submit:
  • The original release letter signed by Chief Executive Officer from your last institution of study, or an original letter certifying your status as a student of your last institution and the course in which you were enrolled 
  • A certified true copy of academic transcripts with information on the grading system from your last institution of study (eg. A = 85% -100%, etc) 
  • A certified true copy of attendance report and a certified true copy of certificate of completion from your last institution of study 
  • A certified true copy from your last institution of study in Malaysia, of all pages of your passport, including the blank pages 
  • A certified true copy from your last institution of your study, of the highest academic qualification (eg. transcript/results/certificate(s) from home country 
  • Completed the Health Check Examination Form
  • Evidence that your Student Pass has been cancelled by your last institution of study. 

Yes, we encourage international students to learn fully online.

No. AeU will only provide student visa for international studies pursing full time programmes.

Yes. The majority of our international students are currently pursuing their programmes (mostly full time or part time, fully online research programmes) at our main campus.

Yes, but please note that the university is not permitted to issue you a student visa when your working permit expires.