What are the fields of research offered at AeU?

Currently, the specialisations at AeU include areas in Business Administration, Education and ICT. More areas of specialisations shall be expanded in the near future.

  • Business Administration

Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Development, Banking and Finance, Economics, Accounting, and other relevant fields in Organizational Behavior, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Public Administration.

  • Education

Curriculum Development and Instruction, Science and Mathematics Education, Educational Assessment and Evaluation, Educational Management and Leadership, Language and Literacy, and Educational Psychology.

  • ICT

Database Management and Engineering, Information System and Knowledge Management System, Software Engineering, E-Learning and Mobile Computing, Web Services, Visual Informatics, Telecommunication, Networking, ICT Management and other relevant fields in Digital Divide, Fuzzy Logics, Computational Math, Discrete Math, and Enterprise Resources System.