Terms and Conditions for ACD Research Fellowship

  1. The fellowship will be in the form of FULL WAIVER of the tuition fees or relevant fees (research fees, etc).
  2. Stipend/allowance will be provided.
  3. The fellowship may be terminated by AeU Senate at any time if the conduct or progress of the candidates has been unsatisfactory.
  4. The fellowship is neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash and is subject to the availability of funds.
  5. If no one qualifies for the year concerned, no scholarship will be awarded.
  6. Fulfillment of the requirements does not guarantee the award of the fellowship.
  7. Applications should be made to the Registrar on the prescribed forms available online.
  8. The closing date for applications and results of the fellowship will be announced in the university website.
  9. The University Senate reserves the right to review the criteria of the fellowship as and when required.