Terms and Conditions for the ACD Scholarship

  1. The applicant must have registered for not less than three subjects in the semester.
  2. If the scholarship awarded is not used for the particular semester, it shall be deemed as forfeited.
  3. The scholarship is neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash and is subject to the availability of funds.
  4. Fulfillment of the requirements does not guarantee the award of the scholarship.
  5. Applications should be made to the Registrar on the prescribed forms available online.
  6. Application deadlines will be two weeks after the official commencement date of programme or two weeks after the official release of the examination results. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  7. Results of the ACD Scholarship will be made known within three weeks after the closing date.
  8. Upon receiving the scholarship, the recipients of the scholarship under the category of postgraduate students are required to contribute certain hours as tutor for programmes identified by AeU during the period of study as part of community services.
  9. The University Senate reserves the right to review the criteria of the scholarships as and when required.