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Our Online Master of Education programme can be studied from anywhere in the world.
That means you can study in the comfort of your own home, on the move, over a coffee in your local café or reading e-books during your holiday.

You can start your studies when you like and finish when you like; you can even take a break and resume when you’re ready.
We allow you to shape your learning around your work schedule, family commitments and busy lifestyle.

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Question Time
  • The programme is fully online giving you the flexibility to study anytime, anywhere using any device.
  • Ideal for adults like yourself with a busy schedule juggling the demands of work, family and everyday life.
  • The programme can be completed in 18 months with intakes in September, January and May each year.
  • However, you have the flexibility to decide how many courses you want to take each semester and when you want to complete the programme.
  • The user-friendly online learning platform which is called myPLS and is accessible using your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • All learning materials will be provided online 24/7 and there is no need to purchase any other materials
  • Self-instructional modules with video clips and podcasts to enhance understanding
  • Access to the digital library with a comprehensive list of books, journals, dissertations and reports
  • Clearly defined work-based assignments with realistic deadlines
  • Access to qualified online academic facilitators who will guide you throughout the programme

The programme is made of 40 credits, consisting of 9 core courses, 2 courses in the chosen area of concentration and the Project Paper as shown below:

Core Courses928
Project Paper-6

List of Core Courses

  • Philosophy of Sociology of Education
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Learning and Cognition
  • Research Methods in Education
  • Educational Assessment
  • Curriculum Design & Development
  • Fundamentals of Instructional Technology
  • Statistics in Education
  • Models of Instruction

List of Concentration Areas (Students to choose one (1) only)

  • Educational Management
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Psychology
  • Instructional Technology
  • Curriculum & Instruction
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Science Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Teaching Bahasa Malaysia
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • The 9 course core courses are assessed based on 40% examinations and 60% assignments
  • The 2 concentration courses are assessed based on 100% assignment
  • The Project Paper is assessed 100%


  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications s with minimum CGPA of 2.50, as accepted by the AeU Senate; OR
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications with CGPA below 2.50 can be admitted subject to a minimum five (5) years working experience in related fields.


  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) Entry Requirements
  • Minimum 30 years of age as of 1st January in the year of application.
  • Possess at least STPM / ‘A’ Level / Diploma / equivalent (e.g. foundation) with relevant work experience.
  • Passed APEL assessment.

English Language Competency Requirements For International Students:

All International students who intend to pursue the MEd. programme are required to fulfil the academic entry requirements for the programme concerned as well as the English Language Competency Requirement as follows:

A. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) min score of 5.0, OR
B. Test of English as a Foreign Language Paper Based Test (TOEFL PBT) min score of 410-433, OR
C. Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test (TOEFL IBT) min score of 34-40, OR
D. Cambridge English: Advance (CAE) min score 160, OR
E. Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) min score 180, OR
F. Pearson Test of English (PTE) min score 36, OR
G. Malaysian University English Test (MUET) min score Band 3


However, an international student from a country using English as an official medium of instruction or from an academic institution using English as a medium of instruction, shall normally be exempted from the above requirement. For example:

  • A Level, O level or tertiary education taken with English as the medium of instruction OR
  • Diploma taken with English as the medium of instruction.
  • Any other English Language qualification that may be considered on a case – to – case basis (using the guideline of not less than the 1-year duration of the programme / course with English as the medium of instruction).

Studying online with AeU means you can tailor your education to your personal interests or professional needs, and you can complete your studies without sacrificing your family, career, or community commitments.

In today’s busy world you cannot always adjust your schedule to pursue a full-time education. Online learning enables you to further your study without putting your life on hold. If you are a busy professional looking for the next career step, online study may be the solution you need.

Over 17,000 people worldwide have studied and achieved their qualifications through online and distance learning with us. At AeU your learning comes to you with 24/7 online access, multi-device, interactive learning materials and a leading edge learning portal, called myPLS. You can study from any place in the world at any time, as long as you can access the internet. From watching tutorials on the train, writing assignments at the kitchen table or reading books in the online library whilst enjoying your holiday, you can complete your studies without putting your life on hold.

If you’re new to online learning, enrolling onto an online course can feel like a step into the unknown. You might find yourself wondering if you have exactly what you need to be able to study over the internet. The truth of the matter is, there isn’t an endless list of things you need to have to be able to study online with AeU – here are the four most important:

  • A device with internet connection

    Whether you own a PC or a laptop, your online learning experience will be dependent on your device. Once you’re connected to the internet, you will have access to our study portal, myPLS; this is your virtual classroom. Here, you can access all the tools and resources you need to study your chosen course online. From study materials and schedules, to study support and chat forums. There’s no need to buy books and other learning materials. Instead, everything you could possibly need to succeed in your studies can be found conveniently found in one place.

  • A place you can concentrate

    Different methods of learning suit different people. This can also apply to study location. The beauty of online learning is that you can study wherever you please. Do you feel most comfortable at home on the sofa, or in the spare room you’ve transformed into an office? Perhaps you like to visit the library to put yourself in the right frame of mind. Wherever it is that you feel you learn best, you must have a place the presents minimal interruptions.

  • Self-motivation

    With no physical classes to attend, you must feel confident that you are able to keep on top of your workload. To do that, you need self-motivation and self-discipline. As with regular, on-campus learning, online courses have deadlines that must be met; good time management plays a big role in helping you meet those deadlines.

    Successful online learning largely relies on you being in the right frame of mind to digest the information you’re being given. If you’re planning to study at home, it’s essential that you’re able to adopt that mindset, despite being in an environment much more relaxed than a classroom.

  • In some cases, a qualification

    At AeU, we believe that everyone should have access to the education they deserve, so we keep our entry requirements as flexible as possible. For those who are currently lacking in formal qualifications, our courses take relevant work experience into account when you apply to study with us.

As you can see, there are very few limitations when it comes to choosing a place to study if you’re an online learner with AeU. If you have internet connection and an environment you feel you’re able to concentrate in, you’re good to go!

Enriching and Engaging Learning

We are committed to ensuring that your online learning experience is enriching and engaging. All learning activities have clear objectives, are driven by inquiry and practical learning, and are supported through innovative technologies.

Interaction and Feedback

Our courses have been designed to offer you unparalleled opportunities for real-time interaction and feedback from your academic facilitators and fellow students.

The level of academic facilitator-student interaction includes:

  • Delivery of rich instructional materials
  • Regular live interaction through discussion forums
  • One-on-one opportunities to address specific questions and provide guidance about what is required of you in terms of participation and assessment
  • Regular feedback on your progress.

Dedicated Student Team

As an online student you will receive a high level of administrative, technical and academic support from your initial expression of interest in the course, through to your graduation.

Don’t be surprised if you learn our student support team members by name; they are dedicated, personal and friendly and they understand that every student experience is unique. And if a challenge arises, they’ll do everything in their power to assist you so that you can continue to have excellent learning experiences.

Flexibility and Choice

All courses are 100% online with no weekend intensives or other on-campus teaching sessions. With our flexible course and subject options, you can identify your best path and decide on a study time that best fits your busy schedule and other commitments.

This allows you to fit your study around your other important life commitments. You can study minimum one subject or maximum three subjects at any point in time. If your personal or professional circumstances require particular attention, you can reduce your load for that particular semester and increase it again at a time that suits you.

AeU students can be found the world around; learners from across Asia are joined by those from Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond and over 90% of our distance and online learning students work alongside their studies. No longer do they have to take time our from their work or from other commitments to enhance their long-term prospects and achieve that award they've always wanted.

Nearly 900 Students Worldwide Have Graduated with AeU MEd
Meet our MEd alumni, hear their stories.
  • Liow Zen Min, MEd Graduate of 2016

    All learning materials are fully online, including self-instructional modules with video clips and podcasts. Although I am a fully online student from Johore, I tried not to miss any of AeU’s seminars which were extremely useful for my studies.

    My online learning experience is enriching. Engaging with the professors, academic facilitators and other course mates were a breeze

    Liow Zen Min, MEd Graduate of 2016
  • Ivy Ngu Mei Ee, MEd Graduate of 2016

    I gained more time for myself and it is cost savings if I compared it to other conventional universities.

    The science education concentration has inspired and motivated me to teach science more creatively and efficiently in schools, by implementing the knowledge I gained during my MEd course in AeU.

    Ivy Ngu Mei Ee, MEd Graduate of 2016
  • Chow Choi Chin, MEd Graduate of 2014

    I liked the way AeU MEd programme was run. The physical and online library holds incredibly large e-books and e-journals database.

    All learning materials were provided online for the completion of assignments, preparation for examinations and the research project. I could access to materials anytime and anywhere 24/7.

    Thankfully I had the support from AeU’s staff and academic facilitators who were passionate in imparting knowledge, which enabled me to strive to complete my MEd’s degree.

    Chow Choi Chin, MEd Graduate of 2014
  • Cindy Lim Suan Choo, MEd Graduate of 2015

    AeU flexible mode of learning allows me to access learning materials online. It makes it so easy to plan my study effectively. The experience gained in this programme has been invaluable and of great professional satisfaction.

    Thanks to AeU, the knowledge I gained from the Master of Education degree has given me a holistic view and valuable insight of education field.

    Cindy Lim Suan Choo, MEd Graduate of 2015
  • Liew Chee Foh, MEd Graduate of 2015

    My choice of MEd had been beneficial as I could apply the knowledge gained to my work and enhance the quality of my allied health personnel training.

    I firmly believe that working adults out there would stand to gain enormous benefits and fulfil their dreams of further education through this unique programme delivery mode.

    Thank you AeU.

    Liew Chee Foh, MEd Graduate of 2015
  • The Sabil Family, MEd Graduates of 2015 (From left) Edmond, Lesiah, Rosie, Jane & Rosline

    Learning materials were available online and the use of new technology in myPLS that made the learning process easier and cheaper,” says Jane Sabil

    We created history the second time when a total of seven family members became MEd graduates of AeU with the addition of my sister, Lily and her husband, Dymson Zeno who graduated in 2016. We all chose AeU because it met our needs in terms of accessibility, knowledge, time and financing," says Rosline Sabil.

    The Sabil Family, MEd Graduates of 2015 (From left) Edmond, Lesiah, Rosie, Jane & Rosline
Student Story
Punithavathy Kupasamy

Life is a constant juggle of appointments, deadlines, family commitments and social engagements. So, if you’ve thought about further study but wondered how it could fit into an already crowded schedule, hear Punithavathy’s story about her determination to fit MEd into her busy life.

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