News Archive 2018


27 Dec The Star Gateway to Asia with AeU Online MBA
18 Dec The Star Innovative Approach to Life Long Learning
18 Dec The Sun AeU's Global Online MBA
16 Dec The Borneo Post Embracing AeU's Innovative MBA Degree Programme
13 Dec  The Star Explore Flexible Learning with Online MBA
11 Dec The Borneo Post The AeU Flexible Experience in PhD for Working Professionals
8 Dec New Sabah Times Setting a New Standard in Education
4 Dec The Sun Online Master of ICT Programme
4 Dec The Sun Master of ICT at AeU
27 Nov The Sun A Global Perspective
22 Nov The Star Opt for Flexible Online Studies
21 Nov The Borneo Post AeU's MBA Programme a Gateway to Asia
20 Nov The Star New Standard in Teaching MBA
18 Nov The Borneo Sunday Post Embracing the Digital Frontier
15 Nov The Borneo Post Gateway to Asia with AeU Online MBA
15 Nov The Star Flexible Approach to a Doctorate
13 Nov The Sun The AeU Experience
1 Nov The Borneo Post Asia e University Holds its 8th Convocation
23 Oct The Sun Commemoration of Excellence
20 Oct The Star Will to Excel Pave the Way
20 Oct The Star Online Will to Excel Pave the Way
25 Sept The Star Self-Paced Study for Professional
25 Sept The Sun Top Choice for Working Professional
20 Sept The Star Online Studies Made Easy for Adults
18 Sept New Sarawak Tribune AeU Revolutionises Online Master of Education
16 Sept The Borneo Sunday Post Online Master of Education Made Easy
13 Sept The Star Popular MBA Degree Adds Value
4 Sept The Sun Earn Masters Online
28 Aug The Sun Earn Your Masters Online
23 Aug The Star Enriching MBA Degree
23 Aug The Borneo Post Sarawak Edition Asia e University Offers Flexible Path to Master of Education
23 Aug The Borneo Post Sabah Edition Rise in AeU's Online Master of Education Programme
21 Aug The Star Better Career Prospects and Opportunities
19 Aug The Borneo Sunday Post PhD (BA) Student's Testimonial

14 Aug

New Sarawak Tribune AeU's PhD Programme from an International Student's Perspective
31 July The Sun Advanbtages of an MBA with AeU
29 July The Star AeU Alumni Appearance: A Passage for Equality
17 July The Star MBA A Good Complement
15 July The Borneo Post AeU MBA Opens Up A Lawyer's Perspective
3 July New Sarawak Tribune Award Winning Asia e University Graduate Shares Her Testimony for Success
26 June The Star An Enlightening Journey
26 June The Sun Develop and Excel with an MBA
24 June The Star Strengthening Open Distance Learning
22 June Sin Chew Daily  AeU Co-Host High Level Conference For Global ODL Leaders From 20 Countries
10 June The Borneo Post Sabah-Sarawak AeU Alumni Share Their Success and Pride
5 June New Sarawak Tribune Global Leaders of Open Distance Learning Institutions Meet at High Level Roundtable Conference in Malaysia
5 June The Sun Global ODL Leaders Converge in Malaysia
26 May The Borneo Post Industry Leaders of Open Distance Learning Meet
24 Apr The Star Earn While You Learn
19 Apr The Borneo Post AeU Offers Graduate Diploma for Practising Preschool Teachers
15 Apr The Sunday Post Earn While You Learn to Be Childhood Educator
14 Apr See Hua Daily Accredited in Malaysia - AeU Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education
12 Apr The Star Get The Best of Both Worlds
27 Mar The Sun Education for Today's Culture
26 Mar Lintas Parlimen Indonesia Kampus UIC Indonesia Menandatangani MoU Bersama Asia e University dan Global Education Services
20 Mar The Star Invest in Flexible Learning
8 Mar The Star Build Your Studies Around Your Lifestyle
30 Jan The Sun Enriching The PhD Experience
23 Jan The Star Earn Your PhD, Anywhere, Anytime
14 Jan The Borneo Post AeU's Flexible MBA Fits Studies Around Your Lifestyle
13 Jan See Hua Daily AeU's Flexible Master of Education That Fits Study Around Your Lifestyle