PhD (Education)

The Doctor of Philosophy (Education) PhD programme is specifically geared for professional practitioners in education from public or private schools, community or government agencies, training departments, institutions of higher education and other education-related settings, aspiring to be researchers. This is a blended learning programme offered by Asia e University, a leading dual mode university recognised by 34 member countries of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD).

The programme is approved by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency.



  • The programme is approved by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
  • No proposal is needed at the point of entry.
  • Transfer of candidature is possible
  • Supervised by local or international supervisor that suits your research needs.
  • Supported with research workshops, research colloquia and research clinics
  • Close monitoring process is our main focus.


Malaysian Students:

  • Possess a recognised Master's degree in the relevant field, OR
  • Other qualifications recognised by the AeU Senate

International Students:

  • Master's degree of relevant field
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • A Statement of research intent, describing what you have already done and what you hope to accomplish in your doctoral research. This is your preliminary research intent or research proposal. You may be required to attend an interview in some cases.
  • For thesis written in English, there will be an English language competency requirement equivalent to International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.5 or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 550 or AeU English Placement test. Those who have their tertiary education in English shall normally be exempted from the requirement.


Modes of Study Full Time
Part Time
Fully Online
Blended Learning
Duration 3-4 years
No. of Semesters 12 (1 semester is 4 mths)
Frequency of Research Workshops / Colloquia (Optional) Once a month – Saturday & Sunday
Supervisor Provided by AeU
Audit Subjects (Optional)
  • Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative Research
MQA Accreditation A 9152
Advertisement Code (R/141/8/0021)01/19
EPF & HRDF Claimable (Malaysians Only) YES


  • Enhance knowledge of theory, developments and practices in the selected specialisation;
  • Enhance ability to create conceptual systems that reflect synthesis, coherence and extension of knowledge about education;
  • Provide opportunities to engage in academic research, scholarship, systematic inquiry, communicate and evaluate research;
  • Enhance ability to understand, utilise and interpret basic principles and methodologies of educational research design and data analysis;
  • Enhance understanding of computer technology and its applications in educational settings;
  • Provide a graduate experience that is intellectually stimulating, professionally relevant, leading to research that supports decision making and problem-solving around the key issues facing the six areas of education.



Stage 1 Proposal Development
Stage 2 Data Collection
Stage 3 Report Writing
Stage 4 Thesis Examination / Viva Voce


  • Curriculum & Instruction

Teaching and learning theory, curricular designs, school improvement, student achievement, social science subjects, nursing education, teacher education and reflective practices.

  • Educational Psychology

Cognitive development, learning & metacognition, personality, attitudes & beliefs behaviour modification and counselling.

  • Instructional Technology

Computer-mediated communication, computer-based instruction, web-based learning, instructional systems design and collaborative online learning.

  • Language & Literacy

Discourse analysis, language & gender, teaching reading & writing, critical literacies, bilingual education, literature.

  • Mathematics & Science Education

Children learning of mathematics and science, misconceptions in science, problem solving in mathematics, constructivism & mathematics, technology in teaching mathematics & science, numeracy issues.

  • Educational Management & Leadership

Interrelated societal and organisation dimensions of educational institutions, undertake research in policy, bureaucracy & devolution, professional development, leadership.

Audit Subject

  • Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Qualitative Data Analysis


For Malaysian and International students:

  • Merit Scholarship available for top-performing students
  • 10% discount on tuition fee available through student loyalty scheme

For Malaysian students only:

  • 10% discount on tuition fee for full payment of semester fees
  • 50% discount on tuition fee for senior citizens who are 55 years of age & above
  • 75% discount on tuition fee for the disabled
  • EPF withdrawal assistance
  • RM7,000 personal income tax relief

Terms and conditions apply

Last updated: 28/12/2016