Programme Structure

A postgraduate study at AeU is a programme that leads to an award such as a Postgraduate Diploma, a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate (PhD, DBA, EdD) or Post-Doctoral qualification. Entry to a postgraduate course usually requires prior completion of a relevant undergraduate Degree (or Diploma) programme and/or related working experience.

There are three main types of postgraduate courses offered at AeU – research (Structure I), coursework and research (Structure II), and coursework only (Structure III).


Structure I - By Research

Postgraduate degrees by research involves independent, sustained and in-depth study of a specific topic under the guidance of a supervisor(s) and ends with the production of a thesis. Master's Degrees and Doctorates can both be obtained by research. Some research programmes do involve a coursework component.

A student under Structure I may apply for conversion from a Master’s to a Doctoral Degree programme subject to the approval of the Postgraduate Studies Committee.

Examples: PhD, MSc


Structure II – By Coursework and Research

A student pursuing under Structure II is required to fulfill a prescribed number of credit hours of coursework and upon successful completion of this coursework component, The student shall undertake an independent study researching on a particular topic under the guidance of a supervisor(s) leading to the submission of a dissertation for examination.

Example: DBA


Structure III – By Coursework

Coursework programmes consist of units of study rather than research work. At AeU, they usually require attendance at lectures and tutorials through face-to-face or e-learning mode or combination of both. Under exceptional circumstances, other modes of study may be prescribed. Assessment will normally be based on assignments and/or quizzes, and/or presentations and a substantial project paper or case study.

Postgraduate programmes by coursework and research, and by coursework qualifications provide you with specialized knowledge to upgrade your qualifications, enroll in professional development courses, change careers or explore one subject at a time.

Examples: MBA, MIM, MKM, MEd, MICT