School of Professional & Executive Education


The School of Professional & Executive Education (SPEED) is founded primarily to impart dynamic skills, knowledge and experiences to 21st century executives who are in pursuit of lifelong-learning. SPEED offers training programmes to executives and professionals from various industries with the purpose of allowing these well-qualified mavericks to spur their career enhancements. SPEED provides programmes in a variety of fields coveringself-improvement and general interests and they can be tailor-made to include the development of professional and overall competency such as communication and critical thinking skills. Each certification will be given a credit value wherever possible, allowing recipients to pursue formal academic qualification later.

Participants of the SPEED programme manage their own tasks and perform their best. This encourages students to provide substantive feedback as they go along and naturally inculcates a culture of owning up to the responsibilities among these privileged individuals thus further reinforcing confidence and self-empowerment. The prerequisites for enrolment into the SPEED programme have been tailored by AeU to boost interest among professionals and executives, one of which is the requirement of at least one year of working experience in the respective fields. The purpose is to encourage working adults to consider enhancing their existing skills and knowledge.