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IMPORTANT : Kindly TAKE NOTE your QUE NUMBER for lining up purposes before the ceremony begins


Announcement for MEd and BPG Graduands

AeU has offered an added services to all MEd and BPG Graduands.

Convo Book

Click the link below to view the convo book

Convo book - high resolution

Convo book - low resolution



To graduands who will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur for the convocation, we have compiled a list of accommodation nearby PWTC for your reference. 

Download accommodation list


Graduand List


To graduands whose name appear in the list but have not received invitation letter, kindly contact the following officers: 

Session 1

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List of graduands 


Doctor of Philosophy

Registration on Convocation Day

Please register at the Students’ Registration Counter, Level 4 (refer to directional signages) as soon as you arrive to collect your swipe card, parking coupon, etc.

You will then proceed to join the queue for the procession (at the Assembly Area, Level 4) as below:

First Session: 7.30am - 8.30am

Merchandise and Memorabilia

Asia e University offers a wide range of university merchandise, memorabilia and limited edition items which are available for purchase on Convocation Day at Customer Service & Merchandise Booth at Level 4.

Tracer Study

Graduands are encourage to fill up the "Tracer Study on Graduates from Higher Learning Institution" on-line survey form. 

The on-line survey form is available at the Ministry of Education (MOE) website.


Upon graduation you are automatically an Alumni member of Asia e University. Being part of our alumni network there are wide range of benefits.

Special Need

The University will endeavour to make reasonable provision to enable Graduands and/or guests with special needs / disabilities to participate in and enjoy the Convocation Ceremony.

Please fill up the Special Needs section in the reply form for the necessary arrangement.

Parking Facilities

There are ample parking facilities at PWTC at RM12 for graduands with coupons. You may collect the parking coupon from the Secretariat at Customer Service & Merchandise Booth at Level 4, if required.

Please follow security directives and parking signages.   

Photography Services

Official photographers appointed by the University (Edes & Ravenscroft) will be the responsible party to capture Graduands photographs during the Convocation Ceremony.

The official photographer will also be setting up booths at the Kuala Lumpur Room, Level 5 on convocation day to provide photography service to graduands.


For further enquiries, please contact the following officers from Registry:

Convocation Etiquette

Graduands and guests are required to adhere to the following etiquette during the Convocation Ceremony:

Dress Code

1. All graduands are requested to observe the following dress code for the Convocation ceremony. Graduands are advised to be properly attired as befits the occasion.

Graduand's Guest

  1. Each Graduands will be given two guest passes for entry into the convocation hall upon confirmation of attendance by graduand.

  2. Children below the age of 12 years will not be permitted in the convocation hall. 

  3. Live recording of the event will be shown via Live Feed at the designated area for those who are not able to enter the Convocation Hall. Please look out for the signages.

Academic Scrolls & Transcripts

Graduands may collect their official academic scrolls and final transcripts as scheduled below:

Convocation Attire

The convocation attire must be worn smartly and in a proper manner:

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