SNT Global Sdn. Bhd.

SnT Global, then known as Ship'nTrack (SnT) was established to provide e-logistics solutions and services to manufacturers, retailers, logistics providers and freight forwarders who were looking at ways to reduce logistics costs.

The history of SnT Global Sdn. Bhd. began in 1999 as Ship'nTrack Sdn. Bhd. Mr David Wong Nan Fay, its Founder and current CEO, is one of Malaysia’s leading Information Technology industry figure. He realized that as companies continue to grow and expand, their e-commerce transactions were often slowed down by problems related to logistics like shipment and delivery as well as tracking of shipment through the supply chain. This hindered the smooth flow of their business. Inspired by the Internet revolution, David saw an opportunity to make e-commerce a reality and decided to create a service for such organizations. SnT Global was established to provide e-logistics solutions & services to manufacturers, retailers, logistics providers and freight forwarders who were then, looking at ways to reduce logistics costs.

In April 2000, SnT Global was awarded the MSC status in Malaysia. As a new start-up with only 3 employees, SnT Global has grown progressively from strength to strength to staff force of more than 300 employees.

About SnT Global Sdn. Bhd.
Incorporated in year 1999, Ship'nTrack was renamed SnT Global Sdn. Bhd. to reflect its corporate dynamism and global presence. From an Applications Software Provider of system solutions, SnT Global has since evolved into a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions provider that offers logistics solutions in areas of Contact Center Management, Lead Logistics Management and After-market Service Management.

OUR BPO services are supported by our very own award-winning proprietory system, eLogistics platform called Hosted eLogistics Platform or HeLP™ in short. HeLP™ is a software solution designed to enable business-to-business integration. It encompasses end-to-end processes from order management through logistics and after-sales service provisions. HeLP™ strings together logistics service providers in areas of shipment delivery services, movement visibility and inventory management linking storage information to the buying process.

Being the leading outsourcing solutions provider with a strong presence in China, Singapore and Thailand, SnT Global offers clients a decisive, competitive edge by focusing on the business activities that support their core competencies. With SnT Global BPO services and its role as a single point of contact, our clients can deliver their products and services directly to their end-customers.

At SnT Global, we value our relationships with our clients. We see ourselves as a part or an extension of our clients. We believe in mutual accountability, open communications and fairness as essential ingredients to a long-term business relationship. We also believe in helping our clients make timely and accurate business decisions. For our clients, this will inevitably translate into a healthy profit margin or 'bottom line', better visibility and brand awareness to the market as well as increased shareholders value without having to add capital investment or manpower.

Backed by strategic planning and strong financials and spurred by the successes of our business models, SnT Global will strive to continuously enhance our processes with new functions to accommodate new and challenging business requirements in the ever-competitive market place.