Welcome AeU Alumni!

AeU is proudly supported by nearly 20,000 graduates in more than 80 countries across the globe.
Graduating from AeU doesn’t mean losing your ties to the University.
At nearly 20,000 members, dispersed across Asia and around the world, our alumni community is AeU's second largest and influential stakeholder group. Alumni initiatives provide opportunities to develop long-term relationships that benefit AeU.
Our alumni serve as ambassadors for the University, formally and informally promoting AeU and helping to strengthen its profile in Asia and around the world.

Our alumni are living proof that AeU programmes are sufficiently flexible and designed to fit around you, the way you work, the way you live.

Alumni Unit of Student & Alumni Affairs Department is the point of contact for graduates upon graduation and we offer you a range of special alumni events and services to help you stay connected to the University and benefit from networking with one another. Engagement is fostered through communications via alumni portal and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
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Join our global network and stay in touch with your fellow alumni across the world!


Stay connected with your friends and get involved with various activities specially organised for alumni!
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Business Connect
Be part of the thriving community of like-minded professionals!


Business Connect is a directory and platform for alumni to support each other and share ideas, knowledge or even business opportunities.
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Let’s Get Connected
Join our global network and stay in touch

with your fellow alumni across the world!

An event lasts a day or two, but memories lasts forever
Here in AeU, we organise events not only for students, but for our alumni as well.

So, come and join us as participants or even as committee for the specially organised for the legends.
Voluntary Programme
Volunteering is a work of heart.
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. To create difference not only for themselves, but to others. Share your invaluable time and experiences with our current students or events, for your personal advancement while building wider network.
Be a Volunteer!
Alumni Privileges
Enjoy the advantages at AeU, even after graduation.
As alumni of AeU, you are always welcome to enjoy these benefits as our token of appreciation – working space, conference room or even our library resources.

Get ahead in your career with postgraduate masters or PhD from AeU and we’ll give you 10% off for the tuition fee.

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Find and apply a perfect postgraduate programme now. AeU Progamme Listing

Use the vast resources of our Knowledge Centre by registering for alumni library membership.

How to Join?

Library Membership Incentives

Annual Membership – RM 200.00

  • Access to Knowledge Centre facilities and e-library resources.
  • Borrow a maximum of 2 books for 3 weeks.

Daily Membership – RM 20.00

  • Access to Knowledge Centre facilities.

Book Promotion

Books written by alumni members may be promoted, displayed and sold at the library book shop corner. Terms and conditions apply.

A wide selection of campus facilities and services is open for alumni use.

A certain percentage of discount will be given to alumni members who wish to rent the classrooms, discussion rooms, computer labs and the conference room at AeU Main Campus.

For more details, kindly contact Mr. Syed Badrul at 603- 5022 3538 or email to syed.badrul@aeu.edu.my

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Any questions? We have the solution. You ask, we answer.
For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Alumni Unit,
Student & Alumni Affairs Department

Email: saa@aeu.edu.my