Student Support

We ensure there’s an abundance of support services and resources readily available to you.

You’re fully supported-whenever and wherever you need it.
At AeU, we make it our business to help you achieve your potential.
We support students from over 100 countries worldwide, providing guidance through their studies. Our work begins at the point of enrolment, and induction and continues to graduation.
We offer an extensive range of support services to help you fulfill your potential and make the most of your time at AeU.

You may be studying independently, but at AeU you’re never on your own.

From choosing how many subjects to study to preparing for big exam dates, we’re here to help you plan your studies around your lifestyle.

Knowledge Centre (Physical & Digital Library)

With a history of educational and technological innovation, AeU has established an extensive university library with a comprehensive array of scholarly and professional reference and research materials. The AeU Knowledge Centre offers an excellent combination of traditional and electronic information resources in a well-designed conducive ‘living library’ ambience with the interface for the e-library in a virtual environment for the e-learning community.

The extensive resources have been specially designed for the unique needs of AeU and to enhance our students’ experience. It provides a comprehensive collection in print, electronic and multimedia formats to meet the information needs of the University. In the development of the Library’s resources priority is given to meet the course needs of the University. Special focus is given to the development, access and delivery of the e-library or digital library. The digital library is accessible to all AeU Library members, students, staff, researchers and scholars from any place and at all times.

Quick facts :

  • State-of-the-art library with latest technology, including RFID and the KOHA integrated library system
  • A Discovery Service (Search All) to search across the catalogue, library e-resources and internet resources at one go
  • Excellent collection comprising over 6000 books, 25 e-databases, 95,000 e-journals, 190,000 e-books, 2.4 million e-thesis and 324 audiovisual materials.
  • More than 100 seater to suit students’ individual learning styles.
  • WiFi access, plus 3 computers with LAN network
  • Research support for staff and students, including Education & Information Skills workshop.
  • Online access to the Knowledge Centre’s e-resources using PCs and mobile devices from anywhere anytime

Opening Hours

  • We are open almost every day to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Our Operating Hours:
Standard Operating Hours (During Semester)
Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 8.30 am – 5.00 pm
Public Holiday CLOSED



  1. Borrowing Privileges
    • Based on the category of membership of the AeU University Library, loan privileges are as given below:
      Patron Category Load Period Quantity Fees
      Student Postgraduate
      3 weeks
      3 weeks
      5 books
      3 books

      Staff Academic Staff
      Non-Academic Staff
      3 weeks
      3 weeks
      5 books
      3 books

      External Members* Ordinary Member
      Honorary Member
      Day Member
      Academic Facilitator
      3 weeks
      4 weeks
      Library use only
      3 weeks
      3 weeks
      Library use only
      1 book*
      2 books
      Library use only
      2 books
      2 books
      Library use only
      MYR 500 / year

      MYR 20 / day
      MYR 200 / year

      * External members may borrow if they pay a deposit of RM500 per book. Maximum of 2 books per membership, this deposit is refundable at the point of termination of membership.

  2. Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Service
    • Interlibrary Loan scheme is a service to obtain materials needed primarily for research or academic purposes which are not available in AEU Digital Library. (This service however is only limited to the Staff and Students of AEU)
    • The AeU library has signed a memorandum with the National Library which gives access to 500 libraries in the country under this Scheme. In addition to this, under the Document Delivery Service (DDS) of the same scheme, copies of journal articles and/or book chapters may be obtained from member libraries.
  3. User Education & Information Skills
    • With information becoming increasingly complex and varied, it is essential that users know how to access information resources, how to evaluate, manage, and use them effectively. Information skills are essential to the success of a student’s academic career, and to become an independent and lifelong learner.
    • User Education and Information Skills sessions are provided by the library. Special workshop sessions to aid users on information searching are organised regularly by the librarians. For postgraduate students, they will be provided with information skills workshops as part of the Research Methodology Sessions.
    • On-line information searching guides are available from the library website. Furthermore, the library staff is available to help users within the Library at all times
  4. i-Desk
    • The library’s i-Desk is a platform for professional librarians to provide the library users with directions to library materials, advise on library services and assist users to find general information from the library’s resources.
  5. Library Counselling
    • Special information needs for researcher may be discussed with the librarian through our library counselling services.


myPLS is a platform built to support and encourage students to take control of their learning, become confident independent learners and develop into proactive students who engage with their courses.

myPLS is like a virtual classroom, library, diary and lecture theatre all rolled up into one – it contains all of your modules, study materials, schedules and forums. This leading edge online learning platform is open to you from the moment you register on your chosen programme with AeU.

Put simply, myPLS keeps everything AeU learners need in one, always accessible place. Whatever your learning style, myPLS will help you fit your studies around you and make the most of your time.

Quick Facts

  • This platform was developed in-house since the beginning of the University’s operation in 2007 and serves as the main online Learning platform in AeU.
  • myPLS is designed to make a student’s learning experience more efficient.
  • The platform allows learners and academic facilitators to communicate, share information, access course materials and e-contents, and keep them in the loop on academic matters and developments that taking place within the University.
  • myPLS also provides direct links to resources and services, such as the digital library, learner support and academic services to ease learners in their learning process.

Learner Service Centre (LSC)

Learner Service Centre (LSC) is a one stop centre providing services in several principal areas of academic services and other general services. Enquiries are dealt with face to face, e-mail and over the telephone.

The principal areas of services that LSC offers :

  • Admission, registration and queries
  • Update of student records / contact details
  • Receiving payments and dealing with payment related enquiries
  • Student ID cards application
  • Application for letters on student status verification and EPF withdrawals
  • Graduation applications / queries
  • Programme consultation for prospective students.

Opening Hours

  • We are open almost every day to provide you with the best possible service.
  • Our Operating Hours:
    Standard Operating Hours
    Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
    Friday 8.30 am – 5.15 pm
    Saturday & Sunday Subject to Availability of Classes
    Public Holidays Closed

Client Services / Client Charter

Services Timeline / Duration
Consultation for walk-in customers First come first serve basis
Consultation for in-coming calls Within 3 rings
Registration for walk-in customers On the spot and first come first serve basis
Certification letter for EPF withdrawal from the 2nd account to finance your study.
This applies for Malaysian students and Non-Malaysian students (expatriate) who became a member of EPF before 1 August 1998.
Within 3 working days
Perbadanan Tabung Pengajian Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) loan Within 2 weeks from the submission date
Application submission for the physical disability incentive to the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia (Malaysians only) Within 3 working days
Response to enquiries (calls) Will be resolved within 7 working days
Response to email enquiries Within 2 working days