School of Education & Cognitive Science

The School envisions to be a leader and catalyst for educational change in the Asian Region.
Welcome to the
School of Education & Cognitive Science.
The School adopts a balanced and holistic education system that is geared towards producing world-class educators.
Our goal is to develop competent and qualified graduates who can helm the development of society and uplift the next generation.

The School prepares graduates to take up leadership positions in preschool, primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as private education enterprises. The knowledge, skills and values incorporated in the various programmes seek to ensure that graduates meet the needs of a rapidly changing educational sector and to effectively adapt to a society that is increasingly diverse, both culturally and socially.

The School envisions itself as being a catalyst that transforms Asian education, by adopting the best educational practices from around the world.
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Bachelor's Programmes

Programme Coordinator
Name: Ms. Noor Akhmarisha Sa'ari
Phone: +603 5022 3436

Graduate Diploma Programme

Programme Coordinator
Name: Ms. Vennyssa Anak Anthony
Phone: +603 5022 3425
Master’s Programme

Programme Coordinator
Name: Sislady Melinda Vincent Rosius
Phone: +603 5022 3435
Programmes Offered

Doctor of Education

The Doctor of Education (EdD) is designed equip scholar-practitioners to connect educational theories and research evidence with educational practice.

Master of Education

The programme is designed to provide educational individuals with the knowledge and skills to be an effective educator.

Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours

The programme is specially designed for those who want a comprehensive teaching degree that will assist them in building a successful careers in the education sector, and most importantly, for those with passion in teaching.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Honours

The programme is designed for those who want a comprehensive teaching degree that will assist them in building successful career in the early childhood education sector; and most importantly for those with a passion for teaching.

Bachelor of Education (Teaching Malay Language in Primary School) with Honours

Program ini ditawarkan dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan teknologi dan kandungan pedagogi di kalangan guru-guru sekolah rendah dan sekaligus menjadikan mereka guru siswazah.

Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

The programme is designed for practicing early childhood educators and childcare providers who want to expand their academic knowledge and enhance their professional skills.

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