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The School envisions to be a premiere centre for inter-disciplinary perspectives drawing mainly from the study of arts, humanities and social sciences with a special attention in Asian studies.
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School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.
In the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, we nurture creativity through experimentation and risk-taking, and encourage critical thinking to educate, entertain, inspire and understand people, as well as improving their lives.
We provide opportunities for students to encounter, engage in, and affect change in the world by offering innovative, interactive and individual learning experiences across a broad spectrum of humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary areas of study.

The School aims to enrich the academic and cultural experience of students and scholars with a view to develop a better understanding of our diversity of cultures, history, politics, institutions, economics, laws and policies.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to think deeply and critically about the issues you face locally and globally. You will be prepared to take up the challenge of shaping the society of the future through your social relationships, through your career, and through the personal choices you make.
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Bachelor's Programme

Programme Coordinator
Name: Mr. Syed Muhammad Shahrizal Syed Othman
Phone: +603 5022 3427
Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Education (Teaching Islamic Studies in Primary School) with Honours

Program ini merupakan program yang unik ditawarkan oleh AeU untuk memberi peluang kepada guru-guru yang sedang berkhidmat di sekolah rendah dan juga kepada mereka yang berminat dengan profesion perguruan agama untuk memperolehi ijazah sarjana muda dengan kepujian. Program ini juga dapat memperkasa dan memperkayakan lagi ilmu pengetahuan mereka dalam bidang Pengajian Islam.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Design

The programme is specially designed for individuals who wants to equip themselves with both academic and practical knowledge, skills and competencies in product design. This comprehensive programme will prepare them for rewarding careers as professional graphic designers.

Bachelor of New Media Communications (Honours) (BNMC)

New media communication is a creative and innovative programme where students learn to develop, interpret, and effectively communicate complex information in the digital era.

Diploma in Islamic Studies

Program ini diwujudkan bagi memberi peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia yang berminat untuk meneroka cabang pengajian Islam yang luas.

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