Founder President's Message

Here at AeU we believe everyone, everywhere, should be able to study.
Warmest greetings to all,
Learning at AeU is not bound by age or qualification, experience or background as we believe that continual learning is key to staying relevant and competitive in our changing world. Everyone should have access to education to chart new paths and to build a better future.
AeU, which is established under the stewardship of Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) as the Prime Mover for Education and Training with the support of 34 Asian countries, has at its disposal the advantages of leveraging on the collective expertise and experiences of various institutions of higher learning in the respective ACD member countries.

Since its establishment, AeU has been a champion in designing learning for life before, during and after graduation, and is proud to be Malaysia’s premier university to deliver lifelong learning. We offer degree programmes in many disciplines; but, we also provide smaller chunks of learning, certificates that are stackable towards a larger credential work-related modules or ones for the casual learner. Anyone can tap into this lifelong learning journey – a holistic opportunity which we call “AeU’s Personalised Learning”, founded on our open, inclusive and flexible admissions approach and multi-mode learning pathways.

As a pioneer in online learning, our expanding digital learning infrastructure has enabled our students to pursue learning at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, to meet evolving knowledge and skills needs of the future. Using our learning supports, which range from myPLS, our cutting edge Learning Management System, Digital Library, video recorded and live-stream lectures and mobile app, anyone can attain higher education at AeU with greater ease while balancing personal, work and family commitments.

Experienced academic and industry experts develop robust curriculum and methodologies to equip our students to ‘learn today, apply tomorrow’. And, it is not only about applied knowledge, but key work competencies and soft skills that aim to better position our graduates for future employment.

Today, we offer more than 30 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in our five schools, available in part-time and full-time study modes to cater to the fresh school leavers, working adults and silver learners. Nearly 20,000 graduates have chosen us as their university of choice to date. Each year, we welcome thousands of students to pursue their studies with us. You can be one of them.

Come and visit our website or approach us to learn more about our programmes, whether you are seeking higher education, career transition or brighter prospects. We look forward to seeing you at AeU and partnering with you in your learning journey for life.

Thank you and warmest regards,
Founder President / CEO