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The School envisions to be a leader in providing programmes of choice in the area of business and management education in the Asian region.
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School of Management.

The School welcomes all students who aspire to be future leaders, visionaries, or entrepreneurs, ready to push the boundaries of traditional business practice and explore innovations in the dynamic business environment.

A competitive global economy means a good grounding in business is becoming more and more useful if you want to get ahead in life – whether you’re running your own company or focusing on a corporate career.

Our goal is to teach you about the way businesses operate, how to develop winning strategies, make decisions and manage risk. You will also gain valuable insight into key business functions which can be applied immediately in your professional life. You will also develop a wide range of general business skills in communication, numeracy and presentation, which are valued by employers.

The School ensures that graduates meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment and to effectively adapt to a dynamic situation that is increasingly diverse in all aspects including economy, technology, social and politics.

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Graduate Diploma & Bachelor’s Programme

Programme Coordinator
Name: Ms. Zuraini Shaharuddin
Phone: +603 5033 3418
Master’s Programmes

DBA Programme

Name: Prof.Juhary Ali
Phone: +603 5022 3430


Programmes Offered

Doctor of Business Administration

The programme is aimed at developing leadership in the field of business administration.

Master of Business Administration

The programme offers a focused, yet diversified curriculum that will enhance the knowledge and problem-solving skills of both managers and executives.

Master of Human Resource Management

This programme aims to provide students with the knowledge to be proficient in human resource (HR) management concepts, skills and activities in order to help develop HR systems that will support their organisation’s strategic objectives.

Master in Management

The programme is to encourage students in improving the ability to apply knowledge and skills towards complex problem-solving and decision-making, as well as the application of modern strategic management methods relevant to the field of business and management.

Master of Science (Management)

The programme is specially designed for those aspiring to do research in specific areas in business and management.

Bachelor in Accounting (Honours)

Bachelor in Accounting is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the accounting, finance and business sector.

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

The programme is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to excel as managers and executives in the challenging world of business administration and management.

Graduate Diploma in Accounting

The Graduate Diploma in Accounting program (GDA) provides the foundation knowledge needed to begin a career path in accounting and finance with broad –based business studies. Upon completion, graduates will be able to apply for certifications from various professional accounting bodies.

Graduate Diploma in Business Management

The programme is specially designed to develop student’s solid grounding in both foundational business and management knowledge.

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