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Updates and Notices
Important Dates
26 January
  • Orientation for Jan 2019 Intake
26 January
  • Meet with student counselor
10 February
  • Last day of change programme
  • Last day for add subject
  • Last day for registration (Re-enrol)
17 March
  • Last day of change programme
  • Last day for application (New Student)
24 March
  • Last day for application of proctored examination
15 April
  • Start date for Re-registration for next semester
22 April-2 May
  • Semester break
3-5 May
  • Examination
AeU Convocation
19 September
  • Launch of the 9th Convocation Portal
19 September
  • Launch of the Tracer Study Link
17-18 October
  • Robe Collection Day
19 October
  • 9th Convocation Day
Upcoming Events
25 May
  • Orientation for May 2019 Intake
28 September
  • Orientation for September 2019 Intake
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