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AeU is one of a new breed of global digital universities –
agile, entrepreneurial and ubiquitous.

We offer a personalised experience, enhanced by innovative digital engagement.
We are Open, Flexible and Everywhere.
AeU is a leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia.
We have made it our mission to remove barriers that can limit access to Higher Education and make it more accessible, affordable and beneficial for our learners.

AeU’s commitment to drive higher education’s digital frontier manifests in a number of exciting ways. From world-class learning support to our forward-thinking staff, our technological infrastructure or our exclusive partnerships, we’re constantly striving for new ways to improve student experience and the learning outcomes.

We have taken flexibility to a new level by combining our experience in open, online and distance learning with the very latest technology-rich innovative learning environments.

We are strategically poised to reach learners wherever they are in the world.

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AeU is a unique collaborative multinational university initiated by the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), a body established in 2002 to promote Asian cooperation at a continental level.

The University is established as the Malaysian Government initiative and prime mover to champion e-Education, affirmed at the ACD Ministerial Meetings in Islamabad (2005) and Doha (2006) and supported by 35 ACD member countries. It collaborates with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Training Centres in the ACD member countries to offer quality and affordable academic degree and professional training programmes.

AeU acts as a facilitator and enabler for IHLs in Asia on mutual accreditation and recognition of the academic degree and professional programmes and leverage on the sharing of resources and facilities.

As a spearheading institution of choice in the new wave of e-learning, AeU is the major catalyst in promoting the Asia wide networks for cooperation in e-education today.
A significant quote by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister
At the Plenary Session of the 2nd (ACD) Summit Meeting
Bangkok, Thailand
10 October 2016
"In Malaysia’s journey of nation building, we have learned that developing human capital is one of the key factors that contribute towards national progress, social development and economic growth. In this regard, we warmly support the ACD pillar on education and human resource development being given special emphasis. The pillar aims to open up possibilities for our peoples by reducing poverty, raising living standards, and capitalising on labour skills.

Malaysia is aware of the diversity and the different stages of development in higher education among the ACD Member States. As a co-prime mover of the education and human resource development pillar, Malaysia reaffirms our commitment to developing the Asia e University into a major educational platform which will enhance people-to-people connectivity among the ACD Member States.

Since its beginning in 2008, AeU has enrolled around 2350 international students from 60 countries, and has established partnerships in 25 countries. Through the AeU platform, institutions of higher learning in Asia will be able to leverage on each others’ resources and facilities. And via AeU Open and Distance Learning programmes, students from across the ACD Member States will be able to enjoy high quality, affordable, accessible and relevant courses."

The Unique Positioning of AeU

The principal stakeholders of AeU are the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Asia e University - Malaysia's Digital Global University

Our Mission

To be a global university and a premier educational hub in the promotion of quality, flexible and affordable learning.


  • To provide programmes of international reputation by collaborating with global institutions
  • To provide students the access to relevant, affordable, cost-effective, flexible education, and training programmes
  • To leverage pedagogical strategies and technologies to develop students’ critical thinking, creative abilities, entrepreneurial and communication skills
  • To ensure that all programmes and courses meet the quality benchmark established in the policies and standards of lifelong learning best practices among member institutions


  • Asia e University views itself as an enabler to be harnessed by Asian educational institutions to increase cross-border accessibility of their programmes, especially in critical areas that are in demand for capacity building.
  • Asia e University collaborates with education institutions in increasing access to relevant, flexible and cost effective education and training in the region. Asia e University taps into the existing reservoir of programmes provided by institutions in Asia and make it available to a wider market in the region and the rest of the world.
  • Cross-border accreditation of qualifications and mutual recognition of degrees will be greatly facilitated through the ACD platform via the Asia Credit Transfer System (ACTS).


Since the inception of AeU, it has brought into existence a new approach to tertiary education that gives rise to greater flexibility in learning. The philosophy is based on the commitment that quality education should be accessible and affordable to all people regardless of demographics.

By focusing heavily on technology, AeU has opened the door to higher education, giving working adults the chance to continue learning and to upgrade their skills and knowledge, thus improving not only themselves, but also their families, professions, and ultimately, their countries.

Built on the philosophy, that education should be democratized, AeU has focused on creating an affordable and accessible pathway to higher education, while placing importance on flexible entry requirements, a learner-friendly academic system, and a blended pedagogy that combines different modes of learning.
Asia e University - Malaysia's Digital Global University

AeU Learning Experience

Asia e University - A Multi Mode University