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Harnessing technology in learning, teaching

Dato' Ansary Ahmed

In the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic that hits globally, digital technology seems crucial in daily life usage including in the academic field. Asia e University (AeU) being a pioneer in online education did not miss a beat in still providing quality learning and teaching throughout the pandemic occurred.

AeU is one of Asia’s premier digital institutions, providing internationally connected education for students globally. It continues to provide students to communicate with the University and their Academic facilitators and peers digitally, allowing them to continue to study and not be affected by the pandemic anywhere, and at any time.

“Learning at AeU is digitally created to be an immersive, customized learning experience,” Prof Dato’ Ansary the Founder President of AeU explained. In an age where the Internet, social media, and mobile devices reign supreme, we believe it is vital for AeU to continually innovate and adopt the appropriate technologies to reach out to our students and give them an interesting learning experience.”

“Students are using a variety of mobile devices to socialize and access information, resources, and expertise, and they’ve learned to demand access wherever they are, at any time, and on any device.”
Prof Dato’ Ansary also said that having a digital presence that is highly accessible, mobile, graphically rich, and interactive helps students to work at their own pace regardless of their location, academic achievements, or current circumstances. He believes that universities that integrate digital opportunities into their work culture and improve student learning experiences will continue to thrive.

“Now it’s up to us to ensure that our students learn in a really engaging and empowered way by confronting real-world problems.”